Saturday, April 29


Check out your level of bounce with and without the new ShockAbsorber sports bra. The part on the science behind it is very interesting---those UK designers think of everything:
Movement was tracked using four infra-red cameras. Recordings were then taken during three activities: static, jumping jacks and on a ramped treadmill. A comfort level was also obtained for each activity.
Here, we'd just buy whatever Oprah told us to. [From E.J.]


Shae said...

I'll stick to the tried-and-true tight tank top.

$$ saved on sports gear = one of the few perks (heh heh) of having small boobs. :-P

Serrabee said...

There are many perks: no associated back pain, hopefully more conversations with guys acutally looking at your face, and clothes look cuter on chick with an A or B, as a general rule.