Tuesday, April 25

No, really?

Yeah, I just spent almost 45 minutes in my basement during that tornado alert. As soon as the sirens started I whipped around like Flash Gordon closing the open windows (on opposite ends of the house, of course). Then I herded the reluctant dog down the steps---the cat had already gone outside, but cats can pretty much take care of themselves---and took my book downstairs. Or at least I tried to get down the stairs; a small hillock of laundry impeded me (and the dog, who is at a disadvantage being on all 4s). So, what do you think I did while I was waiting out the tornado? Yes! Number 1 on my list: laundry. Now the weather bastards have ruined the entire episode of Gilmore Girls (that is, if it wasn't already ruined by the writers, of course) by telling me all about some thunderstorm that is still in Eastern Shelby County during the pivotal first scene. Seriously, it serves you right getting a little hail once in a while, just cause you moved out to Houston Levee Road. It's not an address, it's a landmark. Or a geologic formation, whatever you want to call it. UPDATE: The cat just came in, so you cat-lovers can put your minds at ease!


Greg said...

Over here in Eastern Shelby County they of course wouldn't interrupt American Idol on Fox, but as soon as House (an actual good show) came on, the dorky meterologist came on with his FoxRad doppler radar blah blah blah. By then the storm was already over our heads. Thankfully everyone was alright.

I just did seven loads of laundry myself... It's amazing how on track we both are!

Serrabee said...

It's the old procrastination thing---doing laundry is better than studying for finals, so that's the only reason it's getting done at my house....