Monday, April 3

The higlight of my day was pretty much when a girl protesting the tactics (and I suppose the presence alone) of a radical anti-abortion group on campus today threw rotting tomatoes at them. Actually, the true highlight was watching her lead the rental cops on a brief chase around the fenced area behind which the group was stationed. Of course they eventually caught her, and she probably spent the next few hours dealing with bureaucracy as a result, but I doubt anything really happened to her. Who could blame her? They had giant posters up comparing abortion to the Holocaust and lynching. If that's not incitement for rotten tomato-throwing, I dunno what is. The cool thing is that one of my professors was there---with her own bag of decaying produce. And she called a guy in our class a jackass---which has to be a first for me (I meant hearing a professor call another student profane names, but the rotten tomato thing was as well). Sorry to be so brief but suddenly my life is v. busy and full of important things. Should be only temporary, and I've had lots of bloggable thoughts lately, but alas! I will have to wait for another time. Briefly, some of them were:
  1. I am probably reincarnated, and highly evolved at that.
  2. Daylight savings time is all make believe. But we pretty much all agree to pretend it's all the sudden an hour later anyway.
  3. A tornado could smoosh my house and if I made it, all I'd be worried about is my dog. As long as all contraband is destroye in the twister, of course. I hate the thought of people sifting through my personal effects (e.g. crap) like it's an archaeological dig.
  4. I think I just made the best mix tape (obviously on a cd, but you know what I mean) EVER this weekend. At least, I like it enough to make my own copy. Let me know if you want one, as the friend I made it for will never know (he doesn't read my blog).

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Chris Lawrence said...

The highlight of my day was that I could walk from the bus to my office on West today without tripping over a camera crew for the first time in a week.

Incidentally, I try not to call my students jackasses until they fill out evaluations, but sometimes the temptation kicks in too early... what can you do?