Friday, April 21

Do the Monkey

I'm loving WEVL's "Down in the Alley" dance-themed program right now. Do the jerk, the monkey, the watusi... does anyone even know how anymore? I wish our generation had some dance with set steps that we could all be doing decades from now. And I don't mean the Electric Slide, either. Or the Cha-cha Slide. How humiliating that those are the fruits of my generation. Speaking of monkeys, this weekend is the Juke Joint festival in Clarksdale MS, where you can watch monkeys riding dogs and pig races in between hearing lots of great blues music. And don't forget...
Set your clocks. Mark your calendars. Call your friends. Make your plans to be at the Loving Liberally Party this SUNDAY @ 7:00 PM NEIL'S (1835 Madison - at Madison & McLean)
Join us in protest of wasteful legislation and attacks on your right to privacy. Bring the most friends to win a silver bullet. Buy a raffle ticket to win a Rabbit. Merchandise will be presented and sold by Beth Clime of For Girls OnlyTM. For more information, email Sarah or Pam.

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Shae said...

Hey, don't knock the Macarena! :-P