Friday, April 28

Other weekend events in your neighborhood:

If you live downtown, be careful when you go out---you might get trampled by the hordes on the South Main trolley tour tonight, going to The Zodiac Ball at the Pyramid with Jefferson Starship (no, really!), or to see Pink Martini at the Canon Center on Saturday night, or to hear Anthony Hamilton & Heather Headley at the Orpheum on Sunday. The Historic Binghamton Neighborhood Assn says they are:
hosting an Art Opening on Sunday, April 30 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at The Hungry Artist Gallery at 2571 Broad Ave. The purposes of the show are 1) have fun; 2) enjoy great art; 3) drink free wine and eat free snacks; and 4) showcase the wonderful artistic talents who work daily in the Binghamton Neighborhood. Please support the revitalization of this overlooked, colorful Memphis neighborhood and the works of [among others] David Nestor, Hamlett Dobbins, and Larry Patton.
Sounds good, but I'll be at one of the Evergreen home tours (eiother Historic Evergreen for the snooty houses, or VECA for the more realistic ones) which they unfortunately scheduled on the same days this year. Of course, I never go to more than one in any given year anyway, so it doesn't really matter. What I should be doing is writing a paper on compulsory motherhood instead. Sounds fun, right?

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