Wednesday, November 30


Serrabee is going to try her hand at juggling dates. I haven't ever really done it, since I hate being juggled myself, but I think it's the best way to keep from being serious with one guy. Why avoid that? It's just a pattern I seem to have developed without much noticing; the old me was a free spirit who didn't want to settle down. I miss her. The new me seems to be a long-term relationship junkie who invests too much in them. So, in order to spend more time & energy on me, I will curtail the serious dating. It's really just a theory at this point, but I'll let you know how it goes. So far there are just two horses in the game, two pretty different types as far as I can tell. Both cute in their own ways, one a really intense guy and the other a really laid-back guy. They are both weird, and anyone who knows me understands I like 'em a little strange. Unfortunately for you, I'm afraid of putting too much detail on here unless you promise not to spread the word about my secret identity. Just don't want to hurt any feelings, that's all... (I know, that sounds out of character, doesn't it?). Anyway, this comes after a long hiatus during which I didn't meet a single man who was not either too old, or had kids (ick), or just didn't appeal to me---the operative word being single, cause I met a few hot guys who were already taken, sadly. I just don't feel like settling down after just over 6 months on the market. Why do I feel I have to justify this?


Shae said...

Go for it girl. I've always thought dating works best when you've got options. Kinda like clothes. "Today I feel like something slinky, today I feel like something bright, etc." It's pretty rare to find one guy that satisfies all dating cravings. ;)

Serrabee said...

Yeah, but. For the 'options' theory, I'd have to have viable options... Read on, my friend!