Sunday, November 20

Everyone Loves a Narcissist

I have a few new peeping toms. Welcome! It seems word of my blog has gotten out, by which I mean that people outside of the group I actually gave it to now have the address. Which would not be a problem, as long as I knew that:
A) I actually know who it spread to ( a few people I know & therefore might blog about); and
B) it would stop with these few people (and not get out to, say, all the cute boys I meet).
Not likely to spread like wildfire throught the Midtown Memphis social sphere (but, hey, it might happen) so I'm not too concerned. But it is weird to think that people I know are reading about my thoughts without me actually knowing it. It is verbal voyeurism in a way.

1 comment:

Grant Edmunds said...

hey don wory i wont biet hahaha jus kidin
i mean jus kidin i realy won bite cos im not in memfist but hi n how r u n u r wkd


luv grant