Sunday, November 13

The weekend review

It has been a lovely weekend, and for a change I actually went out Thurs., Fri. AND Sat. nights! I've been a bit of a homebody lately, so it was nice to get back out there. Thursday night was a compulsory theatre experience, so I'm not sure that counts as going out (but I can't be choosy these days, so I'm putting it on the list). I am looking forward to the performance of Einstein's Dreams next month, though. Friday evening I went out with an old friend I haven't seen much in the past few months, not sure why exactly but something always seems to come up. We just hit the Blue Monkey to talk & people-watch. Ya know how at first it was post-college age people, but had gotten to be a bunch of old men in the past few years? Well, either it's getting younger again or I'm getting older (or both?). There was some sort of music I couldn't really identify but it wasn't too loud or obnoxious, so we stayed a few hours. I saw absolutely no one I know, though I'm not sure what that means. Saturday I had planned just to stay in since I felt bad about not going to the Pickwick slumber party for my friend's birthday. (Maybe I'll send him a gay strip-o-gram at his workplace instead.) But my drinkin' buddy and her boyfriend were going for sushi & asked me along---and I, of course, love sushi and could not resist. We skipped across the street for some beers at Old Zinnie's after, but couldn't even out our consumption (it seems they were a little hungover & so I drank faster) and I ended up having 4 beers, so of course I'm feeling a little gross and bloated today. So much for Miller Lite, eh. I did get out & walk the puppy around the 'hood, so now I feel better but perhaps not well enough to go play tennis on the ghetto courts as we'd planned. It seems more like a day for curling up on the sofa & reading a good book. Unfortunately, all I have is crap on hermeneutics to read. Still, it could be worse I s'pose.

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Karen said...

Well I *hate* to be a comment "snob" --

But I hav to say I think my "sushi platter" dinner pictures Beat yer sushi platter dinner a mile!!

Tho' meebe mine aren't the most appetizing pictures, but certainly the most interesting!!

*tee* and *hee*