Thursday, December 1

so far this week

Well, it seems the week is almost over & what do I have to show for it? Considering how much time I've spent either in the liberry, in class, or in bed, it seems that I've had a pretty boring one. And those are the highlights! Also this week:
  • My mortgage payments went up for next year. Taxes, of course. And maybe hazard insurance too.
  • My credit card bills went up as well, with Christmas, my niece's birthday, and all the holiday travel expenses.
  • Then I just had to buy this cute sparkly top the other day although I have no festive holiday parties lined up yet (hoping that will change soon) adding to the credit card bill. Yuk.
  • Plus it is getting cold and I hate walking around campus all day with a cold, wet, sniffly nose.
I just hope the rest of the month looks up from here.


Len said...

I just hope the rest of the month looks up from here.

Offhand, I can't see how it can get that much worse. But hang in there. The holidays and semester break are coming...

Serrabee said...

Uh, don't jinx me man.
It can always get worse (but it's always darkest before the dawn, too).