Monday, December 5

the event of the season is coming!

I will once again bust out the aluminum tree, jazz records, and festive garland for my semi-annual holiday party. What I like most about the holiday season is the gathering together and the drinking of the punch and the making merry. As I've gotten older, the gifts have lost some of their importance as the reality has set in: you can't ever remember what you got a few weeks later, while the times you shared are still with you. Unless you have been enjoying the drinking of the holiday punch a little too much.... It's finally semester's end, which seemed a long time in coming but actually rushed right along as I look back on it. That makes no sense, unless you believe time is all a matter of perspective. Suffice it to say I'll be glad to finish up next week. And then, of course, the party! So it looks like the weather's cooperating a little more with the calendar, not that that's a good thing. Like most people I enjoy snow but don't like the cold so much by itself. It seems that in Memphis all we get is cold and wet during our winters. (This coming from the girl who was in Fla. last Christmas for the big blizzard.) Growing up in Knoxville it was a rare winter when we didn't get at least one decent sledding opportunity. I remember putting plastic bags over my socks (under shoes or boots) for those really wet snows. (That is not the most picturesque memory, is it?) Maybe it will snow when I'm there in a few weeks and I can relive my past. Without the plastic bags, I hope.

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