Friday, December 2

well, that sucked

So I had date with #2 boy tonight. Briefly. Went out for a drink (had 2) and some conversation (had much). I s'pose it didn't really suck in the grand scheme of things---but first dates usually suck somehow. I think he was rude at the end, and I'm beginning to think all men are simply not worth the effort one has to invest. Or maybe all the good ones are taken & in a few years, perhaps, they're going to start getting divorces & be available again. Not that he turned out to be a bad guy over all, but I tend to suspect someone who tells me more than 3 times over 2 drinks how beautiful I am. Of what do I suspect them? Not sure. Unreliability? Alcoholism? Hopeless romanticism? Stupidity? Anyway, it's just excessive. If I don't seem flattered the first time, I sure won't be the second and third time. Also in the dating news, the other boy called me tonight. FOUR TIMES. And left messages each time, since I didn't answer AT ALL. Who doesn't get that message? (Answer: dumb people don't.) I think I may be destined to be single. Dating is exhausting, and you just get used to sleeping alone after a few months. It seems preferable. Or maybe two beds (like Rob & Laura Petrie had) is the way to go? Maybe I'm just tired and things will seem rosier in the A.M.

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