Wednesday, December 21


Well, I'm back in Ktown less than a month after leaving it. Why do they cram the winter holidays together and we get nothin' between July 4th and Labor Day? Being back here makes me nostalgic, but not in a good way. This place seems to stay the same the more it changes. My sister just moved back to town, making it more enticing but still not enough. I think I've learned a lot about life & how to live it since I've lived in Knoxville full-time. The world is so much bigger than the scope of anyone's hometown. Except maybe for military brats. There is such constant change that I think it's good to be flexible whenever possible. I have figured out that not only does the majority not "rule" in any way, the values of the majority are often just plain wrong. Mostly we are a very backward society. Consumer culture and a free-enterprise market economy are destroying us. I want to go live in the woods somewhere and quit buying crap for the rest of my life. But I think I'd be lonely. I think I've also learned why people need each other. Often it's just to reaffirm their life choices, sometimes it's to provide vicarious experiences, but it's always to reassure them about their character; that's why we best like the people who are like us. Most importantly, maybe, is really, truly, and seriously don't care about what people think about you unless you have a really good reason to respect their opininons. Mostly people are like flotsam & jetsam that float thru your life without having much impact on it. What you remember are the experiences, not the nasty little jabs people make. I can't wait to get back to Memphis. This town is suffocating me already & I just got back here. Plus, I'm missing all the good music this weekend. Harrumphf.


rolfy said...

Go and live in the woods - it isn't as solitary as it seems. Trees, unlike people rarely put me in a bad mood.

All those consumer things suddenly don't seem that important after about a month.

The fact that your nearest Starbucks is 20 miles away isn't a problem because a) you never went there anyway, b) you realise they're just pushing drugs, caffine in their case, to fuel the consumer society, & c) you discover that a skinny mocachino isn't the key to a satisfying shopping experience.

Also when did people stop being customers and start to become consumers?

So, rant over, have a happy Christmas

Serrabee said...

I think the switch from customer to consumer was when the American lifestyled changed from occasionally, or even regularly, making purchases to living a lifestyle based on purchasing.
(I feel almost like I'm living amongst the trees at my parents' house, btw. Not the same but close to it!)
Happy Christmas to you, too