Monday, December 5

oop ack!

quoth Bill the Cat. My blog is gone, apparently. It makes me think I should have backed up once upon a time... but that would take preparation and time, and blogging is all about being in the moment. I think. Maybe it's about listening to the voices inside your head instead of the constant conversation in the world's atmosphere (whatever, you know what I mean). Man am I tired for 9pm.


Len said...

How can you back up a Blog*spot blog? I'd figure that was Google's responsibility.

For what it's worth, every Blog*spot blog on my blogroll was unavailable yesterday, so I'd assume that Blogger had imploded. From what I remember from when I used Blogger, that happens occasionally. Irritating, I know, but that's technology for ya.

Serrabee said...

Luckily the implosion seems to have re-exploded itself. Still, blogger is
better than maintaining my own crap!