Monday, May 30

someone explain this to me, please

I am now an old person -- my niece was playing games on the Neopets site all last week and I stumbled across the site today. Sadly, in true oldster style, I cannot even wrap my mind around them. Computer games are just beyond my natural capabilities. Now that I think of it, I sucked in the traditional arcades, too. It's all because my parents wouldn't buy us an Atari! Of course, as a result, I read constantly and made up a lot of outdoor games. As a result, I am not too stupid or fat. Not to say my niece will be either of those -- she is already in an accelerated class & plays soccer, so she's not the Playstation/Gameboy type of kid. I am worried she'll be one in a vast sea of stupid fatties one day.

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birdwoman said...

you know the word Atari, outside the band the Ataris, and you've marked yourself as an old person.