Saturday, May 14

a mind too open will get ya in a heap o' trouble

Taking ex-boyfriend #18 (whatever)'s advice got Serrabee into some trouble this week at the old homestead. "Get out even if ya don't feel like it; go out alone more. It'll grow on you," or words to that effect. Shows what he knows about what a single girl can and cannot to in a scruffy little city like KnoxVegas. Venturing out on Weds. night, just not ready to go home to a quiet house after an evening with friends, I went to the closest bar to the parents' house: Applebee's. Now, you'll have to forgive Serrabee for sounding naive. All the Memphis locations closed down last year and I wasn't going there anyway, so I really have forgotten what they're like. They're kinda trashy, for those of you who have also washed the Applebee's dust off over a decade ago. So by extension, Serrabee was pegged as a trashy female out on the prowl. Yeah, I'm guilty of being a female out alone at the bar watching the NBA playoffs. So sue me, shoot me, whatever the kids are saying now... I went. And at first was amused by the Trekkies across from me, shamelessly eavesdropping (my second favorite hobby). Then some really nice guy asked who I was pulling for in the Pacers/Pistons matchup, so we chatted for all of 45 seconds. Perfect. Then these two guys come in, no seats together at the bar, so they proceed to stand over me. I offer to move---which sparks a 2-hour long conversation until halftime of the Mavs/Suns game. My mistake, I suppose, but I really was motivated by not wanting them to sit between me & the tv. One cute + one not-so-cute. They were not my type, I mean at all. Nice but I'd have to describe them as the UT-fan type. Ergo, not my type. Soooo, it was not-so-cute one's bday on Thurs. & they were going to rent a limo & go out on the town, they told me, and I was invited. Imagine that. First I tried being evasive, then politely declining, to no avail. They pressured me into giving up the cell phone number. I sooo hate that. Anyway, the cute guy had to drive not-so-cute (and now also drunk guy) back to their hotel so we said goodbye (finally). Only it wasn't really goodbye--cute guy came back! He punched my number into his phone right there, so I couldn't give a fake one. If he'd have called it he'd have found out, so there was no way of getting out of it (so that's when I thought up this great new invention). Then he threatened to return after dropping his friend off. I told him I would be gone, so had to leave my drink & run away before he came back. Then I was worried he'd call so I turned the phone off (but just got a 3am msg from my ex asking if he was a bad person). How did I escape? Kept my phone off all day, and left town the next day. Seriously guys, just because we're out in a bar without another one of you does not mean we want you to hit on us! That's my dating tip of the week. Stay tuned for more on my freshly single lifestyle.

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cube said...

You would've been better off with the Trekkers... oops my Trek bias is showing again.