Tuesday, May 31

I didn't drown yesterday--

thankfully, and surprisingly, didn't lose my bikini top, either. I do think my friend was trying to sling me off the back of his sea-doo, though. I will have to examine our friendship. Just cause you've known someone as long as you can remember does not mean he is your friend. The weather was perfect, Melton Hill Lake was gorgeous, clear and sparkly like it can be on its best days. I also remember times growing up when I wasn't allowed to swim in it for days because they were treating it for algae or something. Yik. We went to the tiny island where dozens of Great Blue Herons, ospreys and buzzards all live together. I never knew those birds were so social, but they all nested very close to each other and kept up a constant stream of chatter (except the buzzards, of course--they just watched & waited quietly for a baby to fail in its first attempt at flight). The island sounded like the monkey enclosures at the zoo. I'll be heading back to Memphis tomorrow, kids, so look out!


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