Friday, May 13

product idea from Serrabee!

What if I invented a decoy cellphone? If random guy in bar asks for your number; you don't want to give it out. Maybe you enjoyed talking to him, maybe you're dating somebody already, maybe you just wanted a free drink with no strings (I'm not saying any of these is me, kids!). But you can't just give him a fake number. See, the problem is this: if you transpose digits in your own number (for example) he just might call it on the spot & discover you switched a digit (and trust me, cause it's happened to me). Then guy makes a scene & you've defeated the purpose of the digit swap in the first place. What's a girl to do? Whip out her phony phone, of course! Seriously, it could work. You carry around a phone that has a certain dummy number---maybe programmable so you can also conceal where you're from---in case of situations like this. If someone within a 200' range calls the number, it rings. No need to actually answer, he's heard it ring & knows he's got you. Only... the phone doesn't actually receive calls. It's a $15 walkie talkie from the Spy Store. And you got your free drink & got out gracefully. Lovely.

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