Wednesday, October 6

So I lied

When I said photos coming soon. If I could only figure out my photo software, or the b'friend would do it for me (better for me but equally less likely!). . . alas, I will have to put it off longer. Now that I'm fixin' to get ready to make preparatons for midterms, that is. See, in order to study I have to have a clean house. So I had to clean this weekend, right? And if I have laundry to do, well that just interrupts my studying! So I had to do that, too, as if it's not just going to pile up fast and furiously. But it all takes time to get the house ready -- and tomorrow is a meeting, then the King Biscuit Blues Fest this weekend, and then it will be time to get down to business! I promised some cool links and that is one, but I can do better: I don't know if this is even funny or just pathetic! Hokey LP art Get Fuzzy is the funniest comic strip our paper has, if not the funniest I've seen since Dilbert. Pink Rambler Story what the hell kind of drugs does your doctor have you taking? WMD (sorry but you must log in here -- you should already have an account, though!) one of my early boyfriends wrote this. says he lives with his cat, so maybe he's gay now?

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