Sunday, October 17

Had to change colors, folks

Every site I have visited on blogspot has that acid green, therefore is no longer cool enough for me. Have switched to Pepto Pink, if only temporarily. Let me know if you absolutely hate it. Have also tried to change commenting due to user complaints (sorry Rolfy)! Still on yesterday's paper, will read today's over lunch. Too much fun last night prevented breakfast, but feel better after home Pilates session. The revolution has begun! I can just see people all over Iraq transmogrifying from GI's into conscientious objectors, or at least people more concerned for their life than for Bush's idiotic nation-rebuilding scheme. Favorite bumper-sticker: "Regime Change Begins at Home" New movie about Bush's gift of gab. Unrelated funny/scary: Physics Professor Goes on Rage in Class Wed Oct 13, 11:12 PM ET LAFAYETTE, La. - A University of Louisiana at Lafayette physics professor was banned from the campus Wednesday and taken to the coroner's office for evaluation after threatening his class, university officials said. Student Kacie Spears said professor Louis Houston lost control right after class began Wednesday morning and was yelling obscenities. "Then he told us if we got out of our seats he's gonna kill us. He went on the black board and wrote "911 now", so we were really in fear for our lives," Spears told KATC-TV. Spears said Houston slapped a student and then told his class he was God. . . . A bomb dog was also brought in to check for explosives, but nothing was found. Spears said it wasn't the first time Houston had an outburst in class. "He's always acted a little strange, he's yelled and cursed before, and this time we waited for it to stop, but it never did," Spears says. Law enforcement officers transported Houston to the Lafayette Parish Coroner's Office to be evaluated for possible involuntary commitment to a mental health facility. In the meantime, Houston has been banned from the university's campus and his faculty duties have been suspended. University officials said in a statement they would make a final decision about Houston's employment once a full investigation into the incident is complete.

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Is that chick related to Britney SPEARS?