Thursday, January 20

We are not alone

So now apparently England is in on it. Have I been totally out of it the past week? And have these losers been out of it, to take photos of their prisoner abuse? What lewd or amoral acts have you photographed your friends doing lately? Seriously. This is our military, y'all. They can't think past the moment to not photograph themselves in compromising, even incrimintating circumstances. Do you really want them making decisions that will affect your children, grandchildren, and their children? This problem is going nowhere fast. Get the f*ck out of Iraq. Leave them be!


rolfy said...

There's been an undercurrent in the UK press that the US soldiers are a bunch of trigger-happy crazies and "our boys" are level headed, decent chaps. Clearly a load of rubbish.

The whole thing disturbs me. Yes, war is bad and makes people do things they wouldn't "normally" do. But had they not been caught, what were they going to do with the photos - attach them to their fridge when they got home? Perhaps paste them in an album and show friends after a dinner party? Kind of puts a new slant on the question "so daddy, what did you do in the war?"

Anyway it'll all be forgotten when Iran's invaded.

Serrabee said...

I think it's an intersting point, and maybe it's time to bring back the Stanford Prison experiement (at in case you aren't familiar with it already). It's frightening to think that human nature is just that base -- that we will not only follow authority almost blindly, like the Perils of Obedience article (on what has been called the Nazi study) --- but we become what we think we should be in a situation, rather than rising above circumstances.
The interesting thing is us freely condemning these soldiers, who are in a situation most of us can't even comprehend. How horrible to be involved in such an unjust situation, with no hope of leaving anytime soon, with no moral law behind what you're doing, with instructions to get information out of prisoners who probably don't have much to give. It's a f*cking quagmire in and of itself. A total losing situation -- I can't even conceive of how it would change my life.