Friday, January 28

Happy Birthday, Rolfy!

Oooh, I guess I am late with the GMT birthday, huh? Hey, you should check out this group if you ever have time, being a dad & husband and all. Man, how times change. The DJ becomes the dad, the bachelor becomes the husband! Hope I'm not bringin' ya down, Rolfy, but you know my 30th is approaching. Which makes you -- thirtysomething is all I know.

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rolfy said...

Wow I am honoured - my name in lights! It was on the 22nd, so you're a little further out than GMT, but a posting on your site makes it worthwhile! Your one paragraph epitaph is a frighteningly accurate.

Don't let age trouble you. 30 is the new 20 (so someone who is 40 claiming to be 30 told me).