Tuesday, January 11

Brussel sprouts

Or is it Brussels sprouts? Either way, man are they yummy. I had this thing when I was growing up that I'd like veggies until I discovered my sister was not a fan of them. I would immediately develop a dislike for peas, squash, spinach, whatever, and it was honestly not faked. It just suddenly tasted different. When my sister moved out I'd try the same food again and, surprise! I liked it again. So it is with Brussel(s) sprouts. With cheese they do rock!

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rolfy said...

Think of all the things that are synonymous with Belgian greatness: chocolate, moules et frites, beer, Tin Tin, Eddy Merckx, Hercule Poirot...that's probably the end of the list, but they're all worthy things. Why the hell they wanted to put their name to this disgusting vegetable is beyond me. The only food that actually makes me gag. But it's a free world, so if you want to fart like a rhino then keep eating!