Monday, May 14

What happened to you?

I was asked recently (okay, sometime in the past month-ish) what happened to my blog. I don't have a good explanation, and I didn't make a conscious decision to cease blogging, but somewhere along the way it seems to have dried up like a diverted stream. I think that imagery actually describes it pretty well, in fact---I've simply diverted my attention to other things in my life: travel, dancing, non-profit boards and business startups (well, okay, just one business). Plus my job is a great outlet for things I'm thinking lately.

It seems that everything in my life involves communication these days. Work is writing---dance is a conversation---socializing is about connections. It all takes a lot out of me, which means I don't really need an outlet like a blog. I'm creating so much outside of the rock & roll planet that life is like its own solar system for me. I am never happier than when I'm near exhaustion and fulfilled, but blogging requires too much introspection to be done at that hour. Like, for example, tonite. So hopefully I'll be back around before it's July 4.

Oh, and tomorrow is going to be the greatest day: Wilco's new album. Ya-hoo!

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Phoebe said...

Yeah - I've kind of been the same way...I miss hanging out with you, mk and michael, btw. we've had a really hard time with things lately. it's kind of been one thing after another...this long weekend is absolutely what i needed. anyway. yeah. not so much with the blogging anymore...