Tuesday, April 3


I finally did it. I went to Graceland this weekend, one because my Russian buddy wanted to go, and two because the tix were free. I'm glad they were, because personally I felt that the night I spent on Elvis Presley Boulevard during the candlelight vigil was more of a spiritual experience. However, I do get that it might be important for the Elvites to commune with others of their kind at this Mid-South Mecca.

Please excuse me for writing like a freak; I've been reading A Confederacy of Dunces this week in preparation for my New Orleans trip (a sort of mecca for me).


Philip said...

I have a friend who just got back from N.O. She went to the lower 9th ward. She says it's the weirdest thing: there is no sound. None. She got out of the car after her friend turned off the engine and couldn't hear anything like you would expect. No animals, no children in the distance, nothing. She said it was very eye opening.

James said...

Ah, I run across your blog via some random link and your most recent post lists of my favorite things in the world, Elvis and Ignatius.

Looking forward to Arkansas in May. If Henny shows up on time, I'll be amazed...

Serrabee said...

Phil--we went, we saw, and I must say we were less shocked than I expected. It's really much better than I expected.
I, of course, am a known pessimist.

James--Elvis & Ignatius: Made for Each Other opens soon in a theater near you.
Ark in May just doesn't have that ring to it that Memphis in May has, does it? But I think if I see you next month, it will be a record (didn't I just see you last year or something crazily recent?).