Sunday, May 20


This weekend is a big, fat blank. No parties, no trips, no long-lost friends visiting Memphis. I'm completely loving it! What I am doing is:

  1. Loading more music to my laptop: stuff that should have been on there long ago. Off the list of "things I'll get around to some day." Now that I have to make some cd's for friends who are leaving town, it's become more urgent.
  2. Cleaning house a bit: this includes some laundry, dog-washing, and the ever-popular Changing of the Sheets ceremony that happens on Sundays at my house.
  3. Mowing the yard: seriously and dangerously overdue, this one. My dad admired the oats I had growing in back (for anyone who's ever seen his lawn, you will take this as the insult it actually was).
  4. Sleeping: this should probably be at the top of the list, since it's how the preponderance of my weekend hours are being spent.
I'm seriously in need of this weekend to keep up my energy... May has been an absolute drain, between moving offices on a week's notice (oh, hi, can you move next week? uh, where? we're not really sure yet, but start packing up!) and having my Dad visit (not that he's exhausting, but I get worn out being around people alla the time). Next weekend is hopefully yet another one of fun-filled festivities, so I'll make sure to get my rest now.

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