Sunday, May 27

Sunday kinda love

I'm so in love with my city right now that sometimes, when something strikes me as a future memory, I can't take in more than a shallow breath. It's like the space around my heart expands to take up so much room that my lungs can't work properly. When I walk the dog around Midtown, I see such a variety of people, plants, houses, all representative of a range of lifestyles and values and income levels. When people talk about a flavor that makes Memphis feel so comfortable and welcoming to outsiders, I think of this. Any good BBQ sauce has a variety of ingredients, hot and sweet and tart and spicy things, all mixed in to make it as good as it can possibly be. A trite comparison maybe, given our BBQ claim to fame, but I'm hungry & it's Memorial Day weekend. I still love livin' in Memphis---it's like no other place I know.

I'm sure it will fade considerably by the peak heat of August, when the grass is dead and the air is settled in stillness around me. I won't be walking the dog and admiring folks' flowers on a Saturday afternoon in a couple of months, at least without struggling to breathe without drowning in the humidity. In the dead of summer, I will probably have forgotten everything except how many more weeks I have to peel my clothes off my body to let in some air.


David Holt said...

Congrats on the article in the paper. Sounds like you're doing a kickass job with that dance thingie.

Serrabee said...

Actually, yeah. Surprised me how popular it was, but I think a lot of it was timing + Memphis added to our genuine, personal love of the blues. You should come out next time we do something!