Thursday, February 15

Like a prodigal daughter

Yeeeaaah, I guess I've missed bloggin' for a while now. I think posting a real photo of myself is me throwing over the last remaining vestige of my anonymity (no, I'm not drunk). Except, of course, my name. But lately people have been calling me by my nom de plume, or nom de internette, as it were, to my face. In person or whatever.

The reason I've written here lately is that the past few times I've wanted to write something, I've resorted to the lame myspace blog post, which I still believe isn't really blogging. At least not the way most people do it--folks don't link stuff, or ever refer to any other websites, bloggers, current events, et cetera.

Speaking of current events: I was reminded tonite of why I don't watch the local news. It is all about murder and violence, with some high school boys robbing people with a bb gun sprinkled in for novelty. It fukkin' sux, and is depressing, and who needs it anyway? I want news that educates and/or enlightens me somehow, and I'm obviously not going to get it from local or national mainstream outlets. It was interesting, though, that the angle the local news took on the fatal police chase today was that it was only the 3rd one ending in someone's death over the past year. Like that's a good thing. Hell. Maybe, just maybe, considering how many suspects cops try to chase to their death, it is a low percentage.

Also on current events: I was at the 1st of a jazz history series at the main library tonight, where the New Orleans Jazz Ramblers performed. I highly recommend you attend the next one, on March 29 at the Pink Palace Museum. It is sure to be worth an hour or 2 of your time.


AngieDawn said...

This is the concert I was telling you about.

Turns out it's Friday. Can I interest you in a few tickets?

:-) Angie

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