Monday, February 12

**Who makes up these names anyway?

I did a rare thing today: got my nails did. Yup. Just for me. You might think that spending $180 to go to a fun-filled weekend in Nashvile would count as doing something for me, but I am a demanding gal. This weekend has capped off a 2-month non-stop Serrabee marathon of doing stuff. I only hope the cap doesn't act like one on a nasty tube of toothpaste and resist staying put, letting my life ooze back out of control in a gunky mess. Yick.

So, other stuff going on has obviously prevented me from keeping in touch with many people, and I must admit I like it like that. But it was a shock to see a tres pregnant friend this weekend---she looked adorable, but very pregnant. That just made me realize how long it's been since I've seen her, which is inexcusable considering that she only lives 200 miles away. Of course, in some countries, that's practically equivalent to crossing the Alps.

Anyway, don't feel left out---I haven't seen much of anyone in the past couple of months, which is something I hope will change immediately, if not sooner. Now I'm going to be a nerd and finish watching a program on the history of New Orleans... hey, it could be worse---I could be watching Star Trek or something, right?

**BTW, this is the name of the nail polish I chose.

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Len said...

You did another rare thing yesterday--you actually posted something.


[Sorry; I couldn't resist.]