Thursday, February 22

So, here's what I'm doing tomorrow nite

On the road to SxSW poor musicians benefit The Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau is supporting a wonderful benefit concert this Friday. It's for a for a great group of local bands who will be competing soon at South by Southwest (SxSW) in Austin. The concert features Snowglobe, Giant Bear, Jamie Randolph and The Bloodsuckers, Jump Back Jake, Holly Cole, and DJ Witnesse.

Definitely will be there! Love these bands, love the HiTone in winter, and think it's a great cause to boot. Must come home after work & nap as am getting over being sick. And am getting too old to party like I used to.

And Sat. night the Memphis Knights Big Band plays at Cafe Francisco, around 7:30 I think.

Sunday I'm brunching it again with the ladies... I know you wish you were coming, but we're far too much in demand to ask you. Actually, we just don't want to share our mimosas with anyone else, if you want to know the truth.

Oooh, also got haircut this week. Is actually a style that requires blowing it out & rolling it, so we shall see... I'll get some pics of it tonite to share with y'all.

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