Thursday, August 17

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Since I am such a great follower, I'm following The Other Rock Grrrl and give you the pleasure of my list of things I want to do before I am dead or otherwise incapacitated. Gee, lucky you, huh?

  1. Learn to golf
  2. Keep chickens
  3. See San Fran & tour Napa
  4. Teach yoga classes
  5. Learn to meditate
  6. Karaoke alone
  7. Tailgate at a UT game
  8. Throw the opening pitch at a baseball game
  9. Go to Europe again (at least once, hopefully more)
  10. Learn to dance: at least ballroom, belly, and lindy hop
  11. Be the family Thanksgiving headquarters
  12. Learn to sight read sheet music
  13. Play the clarinet (again)
  14. Ride a bike (again)
  15. Drive a convertible
  16. Go snow skiing
  17. Take a cooking course
  18. Re-cover my dining room chairs
  19. Go into business for myself
  20. Be an extra in a film
  21. Volunteer (again, preferably tutoring/mentoring)
  22. Take my nieces on vacation
  23. Learn html & java
  24. Move elsewhere
  25. Sew
  26. Pierce something
  27. Road trip out West
  28. Spend a weekend at a spa
  29. Move into a retirement village
  30. Pour a drink on someone . . . in no special order.


Philip said...

You do know you could have accomplished the last one recently. I was sitting next to you at the blogger bash. :)

pulpfaction said...

Are you on 43 things? I love that Web site.

RockGirl said...

I shall do my best to assist - particularly with #s 6 and 7.

Serrabee said...

RockGirl, you'd better get on #7 to get me drunk enough to complete #6.

Rachel: I look at it from time to time, but it seems that the top thing in Memphis is always getting out of Memphis, which I hate to see [though it is my #24, I don't want to leave Memphis so much as I want to experience someplace else].

And Philip, you just didn't give me enough fodder. Maybe because we had so little direct conversation. Wear rain gear next time, pally!

Mofocrates said...

I'll be happy to help with #5--it's easier than you think.

Can you sit in lotus or half-lotus?

Serrabee said...

I don't think I can do a full lotus anymore---my knees don't touch the floor.
I'll work on it straightaway, though.