Monday, August 14

Blogger Bash Wrap-up

As promised, I have the attendees from last night's bash. Sorry I didn't do it last night, but it wasn't exactly early when I finally made it back from the Deli. Again, roughly in order of when people showed up:

Thanks again to everyone who attended, and to the Young Ave. Deli for hosting us. I know there were many complaints about their refusal to split the tab, but it worked out in the end [Philip, I owe you $5---we were a little over after paying last night].

Conspicuously absent were Dwayne, David, and a slew of political bloggers (which was probably my fault; oh, well). At some points the convo turned to politics, at others to less high-falutin' topics, which were actually more personally relevant. I was feeling a bit scrappy rather than introspective, but I quite enjoyed the chatting at the north end of the table. Too much gun talk on the south side.

I was so happy to finally meet everyone, especially Lindsey, after a long time of enjoying her musings and seeing her depart & return to the... well, you-know-what-osphere. I was impressed that several people apparently enjoyed the first one so much that they came back for second helpings.

Quote of the night: "I'm down with communicable diseases." ---Lindsey

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theogeo said...

It was great to meet you too!

Thanks so much for setting everything up and getting it moving.

I'm glad I have some faces to put with names now.

David Holt said...

So sorry I didn't make it. I was hoping to meet theogeo as well. My wife can only take me being out a certain number of nights in a week and I had way passed my limit. I don't have to live with ya'll so... :-) Next time...

PeskyFly said...

I was a'gonna come, but I slept so late on Sunday that when I woke up I pretty much had to pretend it was Monday.

It was great seeing you Saturday night even if I was a half-sick, all grumpy bear.

Brandonian said...

Jesus, you mention something you did at work once, and all of a sudden "Crack that Whip" is going to follow me around wherever I go now. Aught...

That being said, it was fun (both times). We'll have to do it again sometime.

Serrabee said...

I think we all agreed to leave the implements of torture behind, Brandon.

Pesky: No harm, no foul---but I might crash one of your secret liberal blog meetings. Just a warning.

And David, I've already promised to tease you mercilessly; sorry!
So, I guess being out with the wife on Sat. night doesn't mean you're allowed to go out without her on Sun., huh?
Maybe we'll see you at dish on Thurs.

Yankee, Transferred said...

I only linked around enough to find out about it late last week. I hope there's another one soon-I'd love to go!

Freedonian said...

Ah, you missed it, David. Theogeo is really nice.

I had a great time, Serrabee. You are the hostess with the mostest.

dwayne said...

it looks like
i am not a cool blogger
i dont even go to blogger bashes
maybe next time

autoegocrat said...

After having my paycheck wiped out on Thursday, there was absolutely no effing way I was going to make it on Sunday.

Wish I could have met everyone, but oh well. Nothing is stopping any of us from meeting up whenever we feel like it.

Len said...

My life has been so hectic, thanks to moving and other issues I won't go into here, that not only wasn't I able to come to either bash, I am only NOW getting around to catching up with y'all.

Glad you had fun, but I take it Roboto didn't make it?