Sunday, October 8

life, my universe, and everything else

Once again, it's been a crazy weekend---but this time, in a much more restful way. I feel like I went into a sort of time warp volunteering for the Memphis Arts Council's fundraiser at the Zoo last night. I was a spotter in a live auction, which was actually a neat experience. I've been to auctions before, but more the cattle variety (chalk it up to East TN roots). I think my feet are still swollen from standing for hours in heels, directing octagenarians to their $1,000-a-plate seats, then watching a select few like a hawk to see if they happened to wave their cards around. I had to be ready to spring into action in case they did, which was no problem for someone who worked retail for 8 or so years, like I did.

That was the familiar part of the evening---seeing a set of 8 not-so-special-looking etched glasses (with wildlife on them, no less) sell for something like $9k... now, that was an experience. Get a few drinks in some people, and there' s just not a lot they won't do to impress their friends. No matter how old and wealthy they are.

Honestly, though I don't feel like I do when I work on an event from start to finish---or like I do when I do some volunteer work which directly benefits someone. Yeah, it's great they raised over $100,000 from the auction, and that money will go to area arts programs, blah, blah. But somehow it doesn't feel like you're contributing the same way when you dress up in a ladies' tux and kowtow to rich people for a night. I'm all askew---I need to get out and teach some kids to read or collect cans for MIFA to balance myself out.

Speaking of volunteering, I'm about to start working on creating a nonprofit. Anyone out there ever done it? have some advice for moi? please drop me a line at the ol' serrabee at gmail address. I did manage to speak with a friend's friend's friend (after the Secret Service played and many beers were drunk) about it Friday night, but she had a fancy lawyer friend who donated time to the cause. Unfortunately, I didn't meet any of those Sat. at the rich people auction. Maybe next time, eh?


RockGirl said...

Wow, such a society girl you are... All I did this weekend was walk my dog and order wrapping paper online. But then again I'm full of nuggets and vector infections....or marshmallow bugs...or something like that... ;) Have a good week!

Serrabee said...

Are you still fomite- & vector-filled? Thought that was over. Yech.

AngieDawn said...

Hey girl! Good luck on the non-profit.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Mofocrates said...

Hey Serrabee,

I linked to you and responded here, at my new space:

You're awesome, by the way.

Mofocrates (Benny)

Serrabee said...

Thanks for stopping by. You're awesome, man.
When are you gonna help me with my meditation, anyway?

Mofocrates said...

Anytime, dear girl.


Mofocrates said...

Just wanted you to know that there is a meditaion group meeting weekly at Otherlands on Wednesdays from 7 to 8pm; I just discovered.

Serrabee said...

Ooooh, that is perfect timing for me! Except for the next 2 weeks... I will check it out after that for sure, though, thanks a bundle!