Monday, September 25

Stay Tuned: Falling off things + technical difficulties

In case anyone stops by while I am getting my sh!t reorganized, or in the event that someone thinks I've died and sends a search party to find me before my dog devours my corpse... uh, I'm still here. Haven't fallen off any cliffs yet. I did go out of town, and have a lovely party, and have done tons of fun (and not-so-fun) stuff that I'll probably never get around to sharing. Like you care anyway. You've heard it all before.

I have been having some trouble getting my posts confirmed, and added to the fact that I've written several things that immediately make me want to vomit, I've been pretty quiet the last few weeks. Once again, I have plenty to say when I'm in the shower, or the car, or at work---everywhere, in fact, that I can't post from. But my thoughts wither when I'm in front of the computer. I've also considered posting about that, but (ironically) there seems to be little to say about having nothing to say.

Maybe it's an existential crisis. Coincidentally, I've been around more religious people in the past few weeks than I ever am. It's always coming up at work, too, which makes me uncomfortable. Sure, Jesus is everyone's friend and all, but you don't take him to work. Rather, take him wherever you like, but don't make it my business, please.

A re-post from the Art Butcher: september 28, 2006 this thursday at otherlands at seven pm there is a poetry reading to benefit burke's bookstore there is a $5-10 suggested donation at the door otherlands coffee and beer available the participating poets include tammy parker darrell hugueley heather dobbins corey mesler and myself [dwayne butcher] Just passing along the word---do not consider this an endorsement, since I approve of Burke's in theory, but find them superior and unhelpful in practice. Imagine: Dwayne reading his poetry. You've got to want to see that, right?


dwayne said...

Dwayne reading his poetry. You've got to want to see that, right?

yes i do

pulpfaction said...

Alright now. Between me and you and Safeguy, we've got the blogging existential crises taken care of.

No one else is allowed to have one. Just so everyone knows.

Serrabee said...

The trifecta! woo-hoo!

David Holt said...

Religious people are almost as annoying as smarmy, political hacks, ain't they? :-P

Good luck with that existential crisis. Myself, at this point I'd take a good night's sleep over the meaning of life in a heartbeat. Of course, I'm saying that after two straight nights of completly sleepless insomnia.

newscoma said...

I understand the existential crisis completely.
Take care.
Been going through this myself.
Lighting a candle for both of us.