Tuesday, September 12

Serrabee's worst investments

Off the top of my head, and in no special order, they were:

  • Car/home/medical insurance. The thousands I've spent would have been better spent at the casinos, and I can't even play a decent game of roulette. It's like some weird superstition: I actually believe that as soon as I drop or reduce my insurance coverage, something bad will happen. Not so if I just buy cheaper coverage, somehow.
  • My tickets to the Beale St. Music Fest this year. Three of us thought it would be fun to hang out down there all weekend, no matter how crappy the bands were. Not that I'm saying Bryan Adams was crappy; we're apparently too old to get our @sses down there for all 3 days unless there's a great performance expected. Won't be making that mistake again.
  • The new windshield I had replaced just weeks before I crashed my car, doing 75+ down I-55, back in the day before my car insurance was quite so high. I think I still have some of the glass in my body from that wreck.
  • The Journey boxed set. I've listened to it on one liberating road trip, during which I sang my heart out. I don't think I've had it in the cd player since. And it didn't even come in a real box.
  • Copious amounts of clothing I wore once & discovered it didn't fit/made me look like a box/gaped at the buttons (you know where) or just had to buy for that black-tie event. Anyone need a black cocktail dress, size 4, 6, or 8---only worn once? I've got a dozen or so I'm sure I'll never wear again.


pulpfaction said...

I love me some little black dresses, we should totally get a bunch of us together and do a clothing swap.

Serrabee said...

I would love to do that---I've suggested it before but couldn't really get my friends excited. Maybe I'll go for it again---I'll keep you posted!

David Holt said...

So I got up this morning, shaved off the moustache, and got a mohawk. I'm not sure I pull it off quite as well as I was led to believe though.