Sunday, March 13

Gypped (sp?)

This is such a cheat! Read my horoscope for today:
Quickie: Don't get bent out of shape over a minor slight. Sometimes things come out wrong. Overview: It's Sunday, you're finished paying off your cards from the holidays, and there's something you'd dearly like to own. Now. So whether or not it's going on sale next week won't matter. Go get it.
I thought your horoscope was supposed to predict something, or tell you how to deal with an event specific to your life. This is just useless bullshit aimed at getting me pulled into the mindless conspicuous consumierism that is America. But the "quickie" pisses me off first of all with its negativitiy---of course, the first thing I'm thinking is: "what happened to match these circumstances?" and "who slighted me? and when? has it happened yet, or is it an impending insult?" so I'm all sensitive to it. How am I not going to get bent out of shape, dammit? My horoscope is setting me up for it!

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