Sunday, September 27


In the time since my last post, quite a few things have changed (about blogging as well as my life and the world I live in). For one thing, writing used to be creative but it became too much like work. That would be a different and acceptable situation if someone paid me to write, of course, but they really shouldn't. Every time I write something someone else reads I realize how much of it is open to interpretation.

I heard a great joke yesterday:  I believe every word in the Bible. Each one of its words, separately. But none of them together.

Another change since I last posted here is the fact that nobody reads blogs. Even if they did I don't post anymore, so no one comes here (making it safe for me to say whatever I think again, at least until the day it may be rediscovered). There's something useful in writing a sort of journal

Why do I feel I need the space to write something out without it being open for judgement by all of my friends? I don't mind people I don't know judging me since I will never have to confront it. But it would be preferable to have no one I know reading this, and then it's just an online space to put my thoughts down.

So here we are... alone with our thoughts, just you and me. Hopefully I will be putting up a few things I've written soon, and writing a bit more. 

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