Tuesday, July 8

The name game

If you've ever visited the Rock & Roll Planet before, you may have noticed my name has changed. Still me, though, and if I do blog here again with any regularity, please rest assured it will still be me.

What about me? Looking for a new job, maybe. Swimming every weekend. Reading lots of Paulo Coehlo lately, too. Eating my veggies and even the poisoned tomato here and there. How about y'all?


paranan said...

looking for a new job?! why so? i had brown rice and steamed veggies for lunch...minus the killer tomatoes...a friend actually caught the dreaded salmonella...was hospitalized for 3 days! WHOO!

hope you are doing well...keep your fingers crossed for my potential new job. i'll return the favor...


Memphis Chix said...

oh, yes please!
i suppose i'm just feeling frustrated & underappreciated (sounds like a bad relationship, huh?)

hope you & D are well. =>