Saturday, December 23

Now go eat some fruitcake! Happy Xmas.


Len said...

Gettin' a bit morbid (pun intended) these days, ain'tcha?


Have a lovely NODWISH (NOn-Denominational WInter Solstice Holiday)!

Serrabee said...

Hmmm... yes, possibly I am--I think it is the flip side of happiness, in a way. When I'm down I never really ponder death.

Hope your holidays are [were] lovely, too!

AngieDawn said...

Wow, gotta love statistics!

Where did you find this jewel? :-)

Greg said...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

David Holt said...

Hmmm... Rather than being depressed I am feeling smug that, unlike the losers in the graph, I have not succumbed to any horrible fates this week. I guess that makes me a bad person. Oh well. At least being a bad person doesn't kill me, losers.

Serrabee said...

Hee hee... congrats! Perhaps I'll see you Thursday, David?

Angie--it came from The Progresive

Happy New Year to you all!! =D