Thursday, February 10

4.1 on the Richter scale

So we had an earthquake today. We were oblivious, walking the dogs, when it happened around 8am. Our neighbor (whom I've never met) came trotting up to us, asking if we felt a tremor -- you can't imagine how stupid you feel not to notice an earthquake, even a small one. Later I talked to one of our volunteers who said only people at her job who were sitting down felt it. What a wimpy quake. Thank goodness. Interesting fact -- the Richter scale is a logarhythmic one, so that an increase from 4 to 5 is tenfold. The energy release variation is roughly 3 to the power of 10, so you can see why I'm thankful for a 4.1 instead of. . . anything more at all, I suppose.

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